Fire Hooks Unlimited: Husky Steel/Concrete Diamond Tip Blade
Fire Hooks Unlimited

Fire Hooks Unlimited: Husky Steel/Concrete Diamond Tip Blade

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The Fire Hooks Unlimited Husky Blade is very versatile, it can be used on any power saw - gas, electric, battery operated, and will cut virtually anything on site!

This diamond blade has been specially designed for Urban Search & Rescue teams because it will cut any material. It has been specifically designed to reduce heat during cutting operations.

Some features of this blade:

  • Blade for Blade, the ratio is 100:1 of a normal steel (aluminum oxide) or concrete (silicon carbide) blade
  • Cuts any material in the fire service. Especially works well in cutting metal locks, bars, concrete, steel, roll-ups, car posts and any material found in a forcible entry situation.

The 4.5" blade can be used with a battery operated grinder to cut hurricane glass found on coastal buildings or items found in limited spaces.

  • The cutting surface of this blade is made with diamonds, carbide and tungsten (a heat and corrosive resistant material). It makes the blade almost indestructible when cutting any material.
  • This blade is a forcible entry MUST, along with a light weight saw such as the Husqvarna K-750, 12-inch model. Can be used on any power saw and has a double arbor size 20mm with a knockout to 1 inch. Available in 12-inch and 14-inch.

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