Fire Innovations

JC Colorado developed his first rescue/escape harness is 1998 as a result of his experience as a paramedic in San Francisco observing a firefighter forced by rushing flames to jump from a three story building.  Fortunatly the firefighter survived, but with severe lasting injuries. 

By utilizing his background in rock climbing, sailing and firefighting, JC developed his first invention that addressed this safety issue: the Colorado Harness.  After patenting it, he began to market this product, which evolved into the creation of Fire Innovations in February 2000.  

Steve Bishop came on board six months after the company’s start and with his background in both firefighting and EMS they began to collaborate and build Fire Innovations into the business that it is today.

Starting with a distinct line of firefighter belts, Fire Innovations has been constantly striving to address the needs of the fire service, which has lead to the development of other product lines like our rope bag/bailout systems, belt accessories, wildland gear and tethers.  We also supply the distinctive escape belts and bailout systems for the Scott SCBAs.

Our goal is to make high quality, multi-functional and innovative products that firefighters can use to make their job safer and more efficient.  We are committed to producing tools and equipment that improve the way you work.  All of our products go through rigorous testing to ensure that they provide the safety, strength and versatility that Fire Innovations products are known for.