Wolfpack Gear

Wolfpack Gear, Inc. prides itself on having the most advanced fire line pack technology in the industry. Our intuitive designs and solid construction focus on Firefighter Safety, Comfort, and Strength.

Every component of our packs has a specific and vital purpose. Wolfpack Gear excels by combining the essential needs of each Firefighter with smart design and uncompromising safety components.


Wolfpack Gear was the first pack provider to be NFPA and ISO 9001 Certified

Lifetime Warranty

Wolfpack Gear stands behind its product with the most competitive military technology and the best fabric and components in every design

Proven In The Field

All Wolfpack Gear products are tested prior to being released to the market.

Intuitive Design

Wolfpack Gear offers uncompromising quality in every pack we make, and stand behind every design we've created