Fire Engineering Books: The Fire Scene by John Salka
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Fire Engineering Books: The Fire Scene by John Salka

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When John Salka joined his first fire department, he was an 18-year-old who just wanted to be a firefighter. Today, he looks back in amazement remembering the thrills, the shock and disappointments. But mostly he gives thanks for a wonderful ride.

The Fire Scene takes a look at the people, issues, tools, policies, successes, and failures that are part of the past 40 years in the American fire service.

Chief John Salka has a story, a lesson or a warning to help you through your next fire or emergency, whether you are a firefighter, company officer or chief. He covers nearly every topic, tactic, and issue that firefighters face each day. Follow his simple but impactful lessons about using basic tools, discipline, leadership, responsibility, work ethic, communications, search, command and integrity.

Table of Contents:

1 Probies
2 Positive Attitudes
3 Communications
4 Training
5 Responding
6 Tactics
7 Safety
8 Tools and Equipment
9 Officer Issues
10 Rapid Intervention
11 The Chief
12 Productivity
13 Victim Rescue/Survival
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7x10/292 pages

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