Fire Engineering Books: Large Volume Water Delivery
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Fire Engineering Books: Large Volume Water Delivery

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Large Volume Water Delivery keeps an open mind about old and new concepts in hose evolutions and fire stream productions. Large diameter hose is not the only fix; it needs to be blended with the latest innovations in moving water.

Offensive large flow water delivery operations are critical to the fireground operations. Sometimes you need more than a single supply line. Sometimes you need dual pumping and a relay that extends 1,300 feet.


  • How to measure water flow for fire suppression
  • How to develop pump discharge pressures
  • Discover new concepts of moving big water and the improved methods of moving big water on the fireground

About the author

Paul Shapiro specializes in the research, development and training of large flow water delivery systems and fire stream management. His extensive research and outcomes of large diameter hose, both as supply and discharge lines, has been published frequently in fire service trade magazines. Shapiro has made significant contributions to fire response efficiency with his application-based research of large caliber fire streams working with handline and master stream operations.

298 Pages/Hardcoverr/6x9
ISBN10: 1593705611
ISBN13: 9781593705619

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