Fire Engineering Books: Firefighting Operations In High-Rise & Standpipe Equipped Buildings
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Fire Engineering Books: Firefighting Operations In High-Rise & Standpipe Equipped Buildings

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Firefighting Operations In High-Rise & Standpipe Equipped Buildings by District Chief David M. McGrail, Denver Fire Department.

This book establishes a proper firefighting mindset and promotes maintaining preparedness for the extreme physical and mental demands of firefighting operations in high-rise and standpipe-equipped buildings. Countless false alarms, along with “good luck” while relying on bad habits, have greatly exacerbated the deadly disease of complacency.

District Chief McGrail draws from his 25 years of experience, along with lessons learned from many other fire service professionals, to provide a foundation for success and safety during high-rise and standpipe operations. The words "Everyone Comes Home" are just words. The actions necessary to ensure that everyone does come home are based on a lifelong commitment to excellence and the consistent application of good fireground habits. This book is a compilation of those good habits and the many lessons learned by a man who is truly passionate about firefighting and firefighter safety and survival.

Among the many valuable topics covered in this book are:

  • • Standpipe system pressure regulating devices, pressure restricting devices and pressure reducing valves
  • • Cautious and disciplined elevator use during high-rise operations
  • • Elevator rescue operations
  • • Proper engine company suppression selection, including techniques to operate more powerful firefighting weapons with limited manpower
  • • Air support operations during high-rise emergencies, with or without an internal resource


  • The firefighting mind-set
  • The high-rise building
  • Low-rise and other standpipe-equipped buildings
  • The standpipe system
  • The problem defined
  • Elevator operations
  • 7 stairway operations
  • Hoseline selection
  • Nozzle selection
  • The standpipe equipment kit
  • Engine company operations
  • Water supply
  • Truck company operations
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Air movement and ventilation
  • Rapid intervention team (RIT) operations
  • Command and control
  • Air support operations
  • Communications
  • Preparing for battle

381 Pages/Hardcover/2007

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