Fire Engineering Books: Fire Service Hydraulics & Pump Operations
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Fire Engineering Books: Fire Service Hydraulics & Pump Operations

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Fire Service Hydraulics & Pump Operations By Paul Spurgeon, Engineer, Denver (CO) Fire Department

Author Paul Spurgeon, engineer/pump operator with the Denver Fire Department, breaks down into easily learned steps the sometimes difficult-to-understand formulas of hydraulics and pumps, taking care to explain the hows and whys of each formula discussed.

Using an in-the-street, practical approach, Spurgeon teaches readers how to develop proper fire streams as well as how they relate to overall fireground strategies. He covers hydraulics and pumps extensively—from the properties of water to its supply to pumping to sprinkler systems and foams.

So readers can put what they’ve learned into practice, Spurgeon provides both end-of-chapter tests and practice sets at the end of the book, complete with answers so that readers can check their knowledge.

This text meets the learning objectives for FESHE Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply course work.

Features and Benefits

  • Summary of chapter formulas
  • End-of-chapter tests with answers
  • Practice sets with answers to further test your understanding


  • Introduction
  • Why we use water
  • The equation
  • Water supply
  • Drafting
  • Relay pumping
  • Sprinkler and standpipe systems
  • Types of pumps
  • The pump panel
  • Foam
  • Appendix
  • Problems / Answers
  • Index

242 Pages/Hardcover/6x9/2012

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