Fire Engineering Books: Elevator and Escalator Rescue
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Fire Engineering Books: Elevator and Escalator Rescue

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Elevator and Escalator Rescue by Deputy Chief Theodore Lee Jarboe (Ret.) and Asst. Chief John J. O'Donoghue (Ret.)

Written by firefighters for firefighters, Elevator and Escalator Rescue: A Comprehensive Guidecontains important information for technical rescue members, training officers and fire company members alike. This engaging and accessible book details the risks involved in elevator and escalator rescues and how to face them successfully.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • A comprehensive guide for dealing with elevator and escalator emergencies.
  • Written by firefighters for firefighters
  • Knowledge drawn from 80 years of combined firefighting experience with elevators.
  • Coverage spanning the evolution of elevators—from their most primitive stages to today’s high tech innovations.
  • Chapter-ending questions to test the students' comprehension.
  • Contains an extensive glossary of elevator and escalator terminology.


  • Section 1: Elevators: History, Types, and System
    • Introduction
    • History of Elevators
    • Elevator System Overview
    • Traction Elevator System: Passenger
    • Types of Hoistway Doors
    • Hallway and Lobby Features
    • Car Interior Components and Finish
    • Hydraulic Elevators: Passenger
    • Freight Elevators and Dumbwaiters
    • New Technologies
    • Residential and Special Elevators
  • Section 2: Safety and Hoistway Door Entry Guidelines
    • Safety Philosophy and Rules
    • Rescue Tools and Equipment
    • Hoistway Door Unlocking Devices (Keys)
    • Poling Guidelines
    • Top and Side Emergency Exits
    • Forcible Entry: Types, Use, and Safety
  • Section 3: Incident Types and Management Guidelines
    • Managing Passenger Entrapment Incident
    • Managing “Victim Pinned” Incident
    • Managing “Victim Fell Down Hoistway” Incident
    • Managing Elevator Fires
  • Section 4: Case Studies, Lessons Learned, and Firefighters’ Use
    • Case Studies and Lessons Learned
    • Shunt Trip Activation
    • The Firefighters' Emergency Operation Key: FEO-K1
    • Use of Elevators under Fire Conditions
    • Training for Safe and Successful Elevator Rescue Operations
  • Section 5: Escalators: History, System, Safety Philosophy and Features
    • Introduction
    • Escalator Development History
    • Escalator System
    • Safety Philosophy and Rules
    • Escalator Safety Features
    • Rescue Tools and Equipment
    • Glossary of Elevator and Firefighter terminology
    • Reference file

284 Pages/8-1/2x11/Hardcover/2007

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