Fire Engineering Books: Drive to Survive
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Fire Engineering Books: Drive to Survive

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By: Chris Daly

“Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical responders. There isn’t much training to address this topic ... Few fire departments prioritize driver training.” – Chris Daly, author of Drive to Survive



Drive to Survive: The Art of Wheeling the Rigprovides an in-depth examination of fire apparatus vehicle dynamics. This is not your average “driver training” textbook. Fire apparatus operators must understand how a vehicle maneuvers at roadway speed, and more importantly…why does it crash? Just as a doctor cannot heal the human body without a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, an emergency vehicle operator cannot safely drive a fire apparatus without an in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics.

This book provides an in-depth knowledge of topics required in the following NFPA standards

  • NFPA 1002 “Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications” - Section 4-3
  • NFPA 1451 “Standard for Fire and Emergency Service Vehicle Operations Training Programs”
  • NFPA 1500 “Standard on Fire Department Occupational Health and Safety Program” – Section 6


Drive to Survive fills in the gaps between vehicle dynamics and crash causation. After 15 years of training and research, Chris Daly developed a training program combining his fire service and crash reconstruction training experience.

Fire apparatus operators will learn the limits of driving an emergency vehicle and will understand that no matter how long they have been driving or how good they think they are, at some point physics will take over and the vehicle will lose control.

Drive to Survive goes beyond talking about pump operations, aerial operations, and preventative maintenance.  

We can reduce the number of emergency vehicle crashes throughout the world by addressing key issues and providing emergency vehicle operations course (EVOC) instructors with methods to convey these concepts. Concepts you learn in this book relate to more than just driving a fire apparatus. These principles apply to anyone who drives a vehicle, including your family members and loved ones.

Hardcover/468 pages/2020/6x9

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