Elkhart Brass: XD Foam Expansion Tube
Elkhart Brass: XD Foam Expansion Tube
Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass: XD Foam Expansion Tube

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Designed for use when greater foam expansion rates are needed, the XD Foam Tube is an ideal accessory for any XD handline fog nozzle. The tube is an aluminum and composite design combining maximum durability in a lightweight package. The inside of the tube features a Hydroverter screen which assists in agitation and large air inlets to optimize aeration in the finished foam solution. The tube is secured by a single locking lever allowing it to be attached or removed quickly and easily


• Large air inlets to assist in adding more air to foam solution to achieve greater expansion rates

• Built in Hydroverter screen assists with solution agitation optimizing finished foam • Composite tube design results in considerable weight reduction

• Lightweight aluminum attachment base with large single locking lever for easy attachment and detachment

• Compatible with the XD handline fog nozzle series


MID RANGE FOAM TUBE • PN: 03976301 • 16.09" Overall Length • 3.6 Lbs

HIGH RANGE FOAM TUBE • PN: 03976401 • 16.77" Overall Length • 3.8 Lbs.

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