PAC II Ultra C6 Firefighting Hood
Majestic Fire Apparel, Inc.

PAC II Ultra C6 Firefighting Hood

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The PAC II 21" Firefighting Hood is Majestic's most popular NFPA approved hood style. The notched shoulder and longer length allows for a proper fit and added protection across the chest. The longer length (3 inches longer than NFPA requires) assures that this hood will stay tucked inside other required equipment.

CERTIFICATION: NFPA 1971-2013, UL Certified. Meets or exceeds Cal/OSHA Standards.

The 4th generation advanced CARBON technology 3 elements needed for fire = Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel Without one element, a fire cannot start or continue When exposed to flame, C6 fibers expand,

creating an Oxygen starved environment so fire cannot continue. Material is self extinguishing Inherently flame resistant (no harsh chemical treatments) Odor neutralizing, Anti-Static, Low Heat Conductivity Maintains performance values after laundering Finished to minimize shrinkage Rib knit allows for stretch and shape retention.




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