Majestic Fire Apparel: HALO Particle Filter Hood
Majestic Fire Apparel: HALO Particle Filter Hood
Majestic Fire Apparel: HALO Particle Filter Hood
Majestic Fire Apparel, Inc.


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3-Ply Protection Where You Need It Most:

OUTER LAYER - Temperature Protection Outer Layer – Breathable Heat-Blocking

Halo LAYER - Particle Protection – Blocks Dangerous Particles From Skin Exposure

INNER LAYER - Next-to-Skin Moisture Wicking – For Comfort and Temperature Control 

    • HALO particle filter fabric is strategically placed to protect high exposure areas of the head and neck (areas that are not covered by the SCBA facepiece, helmet and coat collar)
    • The HALO hood is color blocked to show placement of the HALO particle filter fabric (GREY fabric area contains the HALO particle filter fabric).
    • BLACK fabric area of the HALO hood in our carbon Ultra C6 fabric. 
    • Ultra C6 is a breathable heat blocking fabric engineered to stabilize your body core temperature.

Halo Hood Advantages

    • One application, one movement for ease of donning and doffing – product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility
    • Combines a next to skin moisture wicking base layer technology + HALO particle filter layer + heat blocking outer layer
    • Testing shows HALO Hood fabrics block 96.6% of the particles at the smallest particle size range of .3 microns
    • Effectiveness of HALO hood can be determined by evaluating how many particles will pass through the overall hood material composite
    • HALO hood fabrics can withstand repeated laundering, while laminated fabrics can breakdown over time with laundering
    • HALO hood easy to care for with regular washing and drying (permanent fabric performance that will NOT wash or wear out over time)
    • Wicking base layer spreads moisture out across the fabric to enhance the evaporative drying rate
    • Helps to control smoke odor on skin following fireground exposures
    • UL Certified to the current NFPA 1971 - 2018 standard

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