Fire Hooks Unlimited: The ROOF DUO
Fire Hooks Unlimited

Fire Hooks Unlimited: The ROOF DUO

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A new tool combo featuring our Maxx-Axe 32" (MA32B) and Mini Maxx-Mod 24" (MM-24) designed with flat roof operations in mind. With the Maxx-Axe 32" lock slot feature, both can be carried in one hand, leaving your other hand to carry a New York Roof Hook. Now you have small forcible irons to easily take on the outward roof door.          

- Weighs approximately 18lbs. when married 
- MM-24 weighs 8lbs. 
- MA32B weighs approximately 9.5lbs. 
- 1 ring is welded to the MM-24 for window ventilation using a rope

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