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Fire Engineering Books: Fireground Operational Guides

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Fireground Operational Guides by Deputy Chiefs Frank Viscuso and Michael Terpak

This important book is designed to serve many purposes in the fire service, ranging from being a starting point and refresher guide for firefighters seeking promotions at any level, to being a field operational guide for on-scene Incident Commanders and Company Officers. It offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plan for firefighters working in Acting Capacities, and can be used when developing SOP’s, and when organizing and planning training evolutions.

Deputy Chiefs Viscuso and Terpak introduce you to their Universal Tactical Worksheet for Structure Fires (UTW) and teach you how to use it to achieve maximum results. Following the UTW are 70 incident-specific operational guides, listing the essential steps required when responding to a specific type of incident.

Well-researched, practiced, and prepared, the UTW and operational guides will assist you through an entire incident, from the initial call until reports have been completed. To make them your own, printable versions are provided on the CD included with the book. Having these operational guides at an incident is like having a team of highly-educated chief officers standing next to you, offering tips to help you safely and effectively mitigate a situation. This is definitely a book every firefighter, officer, and aspiring officer will want to own!

Features and benefits

  • A good refresher for firefighters seeking a promotion
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plans for firefighters working in acting capacities, especially those called upon to act as an incident commander
  • Field operational guides for incident commanders and high-ranking company officers
  • Invaluable guidance in developing departmental SOPs
  • Companion CD containing downloadable Universal Tactical Worksheet for Structural Fires, Operational Guides, and Bonus Guide for Probationary Firefighters


  • Foreword by Bobby Halton
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction—How to use this book
  • Operational guides and tactical worksheets
  • Structure fires
  • Electrical emergencies
  • Natural gas emergencies
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Water emergencies
  • Confined fires
  • Outdoor fires
  • Vehicle fires and accidents
  • Non-fire emergencies
  • Oil burner emergencies
  • General operations
  • Administrative
  • Afterword

304 Pages/Hardcover/8.5x11/2011

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