Team Equipment: PW60 Leak Sealing Plug & Wedge Kit
Team Equipment

Team Equipment: PW60 Leak Sealing Plug & Wedge Kit

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With the TEAM PW-60 Leak Sealing Plug & Wedge Kit, Gashes and punctures in tanks, cylinders, gas lines etc. Can be easily plugged to stop or control liquids, gases and bulk material leaks.
Plug Holes up to 5" in diameter!
Now you can have the right size whenever you need them - and plenty of them! Here is a 60 piece leak sealing kit made up of various size tapered wooden plugs and wedges. Manufactured from soft wood, these plugs & wedges will swell when saturated with liquid as well as slightly conform to the shape of the area to be sealed, resulting in a much tighter seal. All items are conveniently stored in a heavy duty draw string sack and includes a hardwood striking mallet. Excellent choice for hazmat situation. 
Items included in Kit:
Plugs: Wedges:
15-1" dia. x3" Long Tapered 5-1"-3" wide x12" Long
10-2" dia. x4" Long Tapered 5-2"-3" wide x12" Long
10-3" dia. x8" Long Tapered 5-3-3" wide x12" Long
3-1"-5" dia. x10" Long Tapered 1-Wooden Mallet
5-¼"-¾" Threaded

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