Rinse Clean / Gross Decontamination Rinse
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Rinse Clean / Gross Decontamination Rinse

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Rinse Clean / Gross Decontamination Rinse

This environmentally friendly and pH neutral rinse solution has been purposely developed aid in the decontamination of PPE including structural, wildland and dive gear. Why not leave the contaminates where they were encountered? This rinse allows the user to rinse on scene and avoid bringing the contaminates to the apparatus and back to the station. Thereby reducing exposure to harmful elements.

Key Points

All ingredients are safe for Direct Release to the environment, pH neutral (6.5-7.5), Will not leave a residue, highly Concentrated formula, cost effective, Will not damage equipment or fabrics, Just spray on and rinsed.

Product Usage Industries

Public Safety (Fire/Rescue, EMS, Law Enforcement, DNR), and Military

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