Haven South LLC: A-FAST 1

Haven South LLC: A-FAST 1

Haven South LLC

  • $ 455.00

The total system comprises a high-flow valve assembly with all American made components and has a full 1-1/2 inch waterway.  The pistol grip handle is aluminum and is removable.  The shut-off bail is high strength steel and a full 1-1/2 inch opening!.  The pipe is schedule 40 aluminum and the nozzle tip is machined from billet brass and drilled and machined by hand.  Flow tests show between 150 and 230 gallons per minute flow, depending on engine pressure, hose length, and type.

NOTE:  This is NOT a piercing nozzle.  Although it will punch through a normal 1/2-inch to 1-inch DRYWALL layer, it is not meant to be used as a piercing nozzle.  Any other material you will have to make an access hole with hand or power tools.  This nozzle assembly is designed for maximum water flow for application in a concealed space, therefore the tip is not designed to be forced through hard material.

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