FoxFury: Discover Tasker S Helmet Light / Headlamp

FoxFury Lighting Solutions

  • $ 116.99

Compact, powerful wide angle LED headlamp with adjustable tilt

Powerful white LED headlamp and helmet light provides up to 120 lumens of focused and panoramic light. This waterproof and fire resistant headlamp features an adjustable tilt to aim light where needed. A red rear safety LED helps you be seen on scene.

Elastic strap permits wear on forehead. Silicone strap is for use with safety helmets including firefighter and rescue helmets. The included helmet hold down helps secure the strap to hard hats. Runs on 4 AA batteries.

Used for: industrial (inspection, maintenance, repair, confined space), rescue a host of other professional applications along with general use.

Battery Life: 11.5 hours
Battery Type: 4x AA batteries

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