Ford Porter LLC: The Rescue Wedge

Ford Porter LLC

  • $ 30.00

Made right here in the USA, The Rescue Wedge is a multi-purpose tool recently adopted in the fire service making a firefighter's job more efficient.

  • Door Chock – When placed above the middle hinge, The Rescue Wedge prevents closure on the hose or search line.
  • Spanner Wrench – The teeth of The Rescue Wedge acts as additional support in unscrewing pipes and hose couplings.
  • Aid in Forcible Entry - The wedge is used to help stabilize the Halligan tool in a one-man forcible entry evolution.
  • Specifications: At only .24 lbs, The Rescue Wedge is extruded from aluminum alloy. The tool is 4" long x 1.5" wide x.966" declining height.