Fire Engineering: Wall Collapse DVD
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Fire Engineering Books: Wall Collapse DVD

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By Vincent Dunn, Deputy Chief (Ret.), FDNY

In this five-part series, Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn shares his experiences and knowledge about size-up, specific collapse types, patterns that occur, warning signs, and dangers inside as well as outside the structure.

Each DVD includes downloadable quiz questions for use on your PC, as well as new introductions by author Vincent Dunn. Discussion questions are presented at the end of the program.

The Wall Collapse DVD includes:

New conclusions based on observing hundreds of fires. Learn how firefighters are as likely to get killed outside a burning building as inside, the different kinds of walls, the three ways they collapse, how far they fall, establishing a danger zone, proper use of hose stream, flanking, responsibilities of officers, and more.

17 min./2004

(Originally released on VHS in 1990)

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