Fire Engineering Books: Fireground Strategies, Second Edition
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Fire Engineering Books: Fireground Strategies, Second Edition

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Fireground Strategies, Second Edition by Deputy Chief Anthony Avillo, North Hudson (NJ) Fire and Rescue

The second edition of Fireground Strategies covers fireground organization and operational safety as well as building construction and choosing a strategic mode of operation from the point of view of those in command of both the fireground and individual companies. In addition, specific occupancy types are explored in regard to command and firefighting concerns as well as life safety concerns. Used in conjunction with the Scenarios Workbook, Fireground Strategies, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive guide to organizing the fireground and maintaining control.

This book has been revised and expanded to include new material on decentralization, further incident reporting, and post-control activities; estate homes, New Millennium multiple dwellings; storage occupancies, strategic considerations of renovation and more.


  • Foreword by Bobby Halton
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • How to use this book
  • Incident command considerations
  • Size-Up, communication, and fireground organization
  • Strategic considerations of heat transfer
  • Strategic considerations of building construction
  • Strategic modes of operation
  • Private dwelling fires
  • Multiple dwellings
  • High-Rise operations
  • Contiguous structures: row houses, garden apartments, and townhouses
  • Small commercial occupancies: Mixed-Use occupancies, taxpayers, and strip-malls
  • Large commercial and storage occupancies
  • Strategic considerations for vacant and renovated structures
  • Limited intervention incidents: Strategic considerations of the first responder
  • Operational safety
  • Conclusion: Thoughts about the future
  • Index

730 Pages/Hardcover/8.5x11/2008
ISBN10 1-59370-159-4

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