Elkhart Brass: Stream Shapers
Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass: Stream Shapers

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Elkhart Brass Stream Shapers

Used to remove turbulence from a water flow, Elkhart Brass has stream shapers available in a variety of sizes and several materials to suit a variety of situations. Our new mini stream shapers reduce bulk while still providing excellent stream. Most Elkhart stream shapers feature replaceable vanes for easy repair.

281A              (1.5" Inlet - 1.5" Outlet)  Elk-O-Lite

281A-Mini      (1.5" Inlet - 1.5" Outlet)  Elk-O-Lite

282A              (2.5" Inlet - 2.5" Outlet)  Elk-O-Lite         

282A-Mini      (2.5" Inlet - 2.5" Outlet)  Elk-O-Lite 

ALL NHT (Standard)




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