Fire Engineering Books: Investigating The Fireground, Second Edition
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Fire Engineering Books: Investigating The Fireground, Second Edition

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By Calvin C. Phillips and David A. McFadden

  • •Revised and Updated •
  • New Case Studies •
  • One of the Top Investigative Procedures Books in the Fire Service

This second edition provides you with additional insight on the topic of fireground investigation, taking you through the various procedures necessary for reconstructing the events that led to the fire. Included are discussions related to fire behavior, heat sources, interior and exterior evidence, documentation, and reporting procedures. New case studies have been added to further your understanding of the topic and help you develop the necessary skills to conduct a systematic search of the fire scene.


  • •The scope and purpose of fireground investigation •
  • The influence of fire behavior on fire investigation •
  • Factors that influence fire behavior •
  • Heat/ignition sources •
  • Fireground observations •
  • Investigating the fire: building exterior •
  • Investigating the fire: building interior •
  • Vehicle fires •
  • Evidence •
  • Motivation for arson •
  • Answers to study questions

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